2007 Kubota Grand L5030 Compact Tractor


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Grand L5030 Compact Tractor


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Kubota tractor w/LA853 loader and Ag tires. Warranty Expired.


  • WIDER FENDER INTERVAL - The space between the left and right fenders is 5.5 inches (140mm) wider than on the Grand L10 Series.
  • NEW DESIGN - The Grand L30's front end is redesigned to be attractive and functional.
  • HEAVY DUTY FRONT AXLE - A larger front loader lift capacity called for an extra-heavy duty front axle and mainframe. The heavy-duty front axle was specially designed to ensure high power output and durability. It perfectly matches the performance of the Grand L30's front loader, which has the most lift capacity in its class.
  • POWER STEERING - Responsive hydrostatic power steering makes every job easier. Straight-a-ways and tight turns alike are taken smoothly. Steering remains easy and worry-free even when hauling heavy loads or using the front loader.
  • 4 WHEEL DRIVE - The Grand L30's 4-wheel drive provides superior pulling power and traction in any working condition. The front wheel drive bevel gear assures that you always get a full, smooth transfer of power. And combined with its 55% steering angle and compact differential, the Grand L30's 4-wheel drive gives you the ground clearance and maneuverability you need for a wide range of work applications.
  • FOLDABLE ROPS - A Foldable Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) is optional for the Grand L Series (rigid ROPS is standard). It may be temporarily folded down without tools so that the tractor may pass under areas with height constraints, such as doorways or low branches.
  • DELUXE SEAT - The Grand L30 gives you comfort where you need it most with its re-engineered deluxe reclining seat. Standard features are: soft arm rests, wider seating, firm shock absorbing springs, retractable seat belt and a weight sensitive ergonomic design that adjusts to your unique posture. What's more, you can keep valuables and your operator's manual close at hand with our convenient seatback pocket.
  • OPEN FLOOR SEAT - Strategically positioned over the transmission, the removable seat allows easier access and servicing of hydraulic brakes, sensors and components.
  • TILT STEERING WHEEL - The new tilt steering wheel delivers an 18°wider tilt angle than the Grand L10 Series. Step on the pedal, tilt to select theideal position, and lock for your most comfortable operating position. Simply step on the pedal again to unlock the wheel for easy tractor mounting and dismounting.
  • FULL OPEN HOOD - The redesigned, all-metal, full open hood makes it easier than ever to check the engine, easy-to-clean radiator screen, and cartridge type air and oil filters. With one-touch access, the new one-piece hood opens wide to fully expose the engine area. Routine maintenance has never been simpler, and all without the use of tools.
  • KUBOTA ENGINE - The compact E-TVCS (Three Vortex combustion System) Diesel Engine delivers up to 50 net engine HP for higher torque rise and quicker starts. It's well balanced for less noise and vibration, and surpasses EPA Tier-II regulations.
  • OPTIONAL TIRES - Galaxy, Industrial, Turf, Agricultural.
  • ENGINE OIL LEVEL INDICATOR - For easier access, the engine oil dipstick can be found on the exterior right side of the tractor, just below the hood.
  • WIDE STEP - 5.6 inches wider than the Grand L10 series, the new fender and wide step deck provides a larger, more comfortable step through area.
  • MID PTO (OPTIONAL) - An optional, semi-independent Mid PTO is available on all Grand L30's for use with a variety of performance matched mid-mount and front mount implements.
  • TELESCOPIC LOWER LINKS ENDS - Quick and simple hook ups can be achieved with the new standard equipped telescopic lower link ends, allowing for the use of a wide range of implements.
  • TRANSMISSION OIL LEVEL INDICATOR - Positioned for easier access, the transmission dipstick can be found on the exterior rear of the tractor.
  • LIVE INDEPENDENT PTO - The new Live Independent PTO clutch is hydraulically actuated, which allows both the rear and mid PTOsto be independently engaged/disengaged while the tractor is in motion. To complete the package, a Neutral/Auto Shut-off system and protective flip-up shields are included for a full upgrade in total PTO safety and productivity.
  • HYDRAULIC CYLINDER - Normally found on larger tractors, the Grand L30's 2-tandem large hydraulic cylinder delivers a 20% increase in 3-Point Hitch lift capacity, compared to the previous Grand Ls. The system is externally mounted for easier-than-ever maintenance.
  • REMOTE HYDRAULIC VALVES (OPTIONAL) - A first, second or third Remote Hydraulic Control Valve can be added to the Grand L30 to give you a greater selection of hydraulically powered implements to work with. For operators, this versatile system offers a convenient and cost effective alternative.
  • GRAND CAB - The Grand L30 gives you a level of comfort that other tractors in its class can't or wont. One look lets you know you're surrounded by a host of convenient perks and bonuses that are there to make your job easier. Some of the highlights include; an extra-generous seat and floor area that won't cramp your style; quiet operation that's music to your ears; climate control that won't leave you hot under the collar; intelligently placed controls and the list goes on and on. In short, it's a control center that's centered on you. Your needs. Your comfort. The Grand L30's all-new comfort cab design truly does put you in the lap of luxury.
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT FOR CAB - AC / Heater with Ventilation, Power Source / Lighter and Ashtray, 55 Amp Alternator, Front Wiper and Washer, Rear Defogger, Front Work Lights, Interior Light, Door Mounted Side Mirrors, Deluxe Cloth Seat.
  • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR CAB - Rear Windshield Wiper, Quarter Window Defogger, Rear Work Lights, Radio / Cassette Player.
  • LOW NOISE/LOW VIBRATION - The new, larger integrated cab, the engine and the full-floating, rubber cushion, ISO-mounted platform all work to decrease tractor noise and vibration levels. This reduces operator fatigue, especially during prolonged tractor use.
  • OPEN FLOOR SEAT - Strategically positioned over the transmission, the removable seat allows easier access and servicing of hydraulic valves, sensors and components.
  • AIR FLOW - With one simple flip of a switch, clean, filtered air can be introduced into the cab from outside. Ventilation is increased which helps prevent windows from fogging.
  • AIR CONDITIONING - The cab's new and improved deluxe air conditioner / heater can increase cooling, heating and air ventilation for greater climate control. The dual-level AC system, with a 7°-14°F temperature differential, directs cooler air to the operator's upper body while sending warmer air to the foot area. Outside air can be introduced with one touch of the external air vent. There is also a defroster that can be used simultaneously with the heater.
  • WINDSHIELD WIPER - The windshield wiper is hinged on the bottom to ensure a wide front view even on rainy days.
  • TINTED GLASS - Tinted glass cuts UV rays while keeping the interior temperature of the cab lower.
  • MID PTO (OPTIONAL) - With the optional Mid PTO Kit you can attach front mounted implements like the snow blower and front blade to all Cab models.
  • EXCELLENT VISIBILITY - The view is great from up here! The cab's elevated seat and curved, frameless open-glass windows and doors give users 360°visibility that virtually eliminates blind spots. Check the front tire position or the operation of the rear implements with confidence. Plus, tinted glass guards your eyes from the sun and helps keep the cab at a comfortable temperature.
  • SIDE VENT - When opened, the side vent channels fresh air to the interior of the cab.
  • FRAMELESS DOORS - The frameless doors with curved glass provide superb, unobstructed side views.
  • Type: E-TVCS, indirect injection, vertical, liquid-cooled 4-cycle diesel
  • Engine gross power HP (kW): 52.2 (38.9)
  • Engine net power HP (kW): 50.0 (37.5)
  • PTO power HP (kW): 44.0 (33.0) (GST 2WD) 42.5 (31.8) (GST 4WD, HST)
  • No. of cylinders: 4
  • Bore & stroke in. (mm): 3.4 × 4.0 (87 × 102.4)
  • Total displace cu.in. (cc): 148.6 (2434)
  • Rated speed rpm: 2700
  • Battery: 80D 26R, 12V
  • Alternator: 12V, 45A (GST); 12V, 60A (HST)
  • Fuel tank capacity US gal. (L): 11.4 (43)
  • Rear PTO Revolution: 1 speed: 540 rpm
  • Rear PTO Type: Independent
  • Mid PTO: Option
  • Mid PTO Revolution: 1 speed: 2000 rpm
  • Lift control type - Position: Standard
  • Lift control type - Draft: Option
  • Implement pump GPM (L/min.): 9.8 (37.0)
  • Power steering pump GPM (L/min.): 4.9 (18.6)
  • Total hydraulic flow GPM (L/min.): 14.7 (55.6)
  • 3-point hitch: Category I
  • Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point lbs. (kg): 2760 (1250)
Traveling System
  • Transmission: GST 12F / 8R (GST); HST (3 Ranges) (HST)
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
  • Brake: Wet disc type
  • Clutch: Dry type single stage
Std. Tire Size
  • Front: 9.5 - 16
  • Rear: 14.9 - 26
  • Overall length (w/o 3P) in. (mm): 126.2 (3205)
  • Overall width (min. tread) in. (mm): 67.3 (1710)
  • Overall height (w/ROPS) in. (mm): 92.7 / 86.2 (2355 / 2190) (GST), 89.4 (2270) (HST)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 75.4 (1915)
  • Min. ground clearance in. (mm): 15.9 (405)
  • Front Tread in. (mm): 52.8 (1340)
  • Rear Tread in. (mm): 52.2 (1325), 56.3 (1410)
  • Min. turning radius feet (m): 9.8 (3.0)
  • Weight (w/ ROPS) lbs. (kg): 3705 (1680) (GST 2WD), 3745 (1700) (GST 4WD), 4090 (1855) (HST)



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Liquid Cooled, 4-Cylinder Diesel
52.2 HP
44 HP (GST 2WD) 42.5 HP (GST 4WD, HST)
Rated RPM
2700 RPM
Bore and Stroke
87 x 102.4 mm


75.4 in. (1915 mm)
92.7 / 86.2 in. (2355 / 2190 mm) (GST), 89.4 in. (2270 mm) (HST)
67.3 in. (1710 mm)
3705 lbs. (1680 kg) (GST 2WD), 3745 lbs. (1700 kg) (GST 4WD), 4090 lbs. (1855 kg) (HST)
Ground Clearance
15.9 in. (405 mm)
Tire Size
Front: 9.5-16, Rear: 14.9-26


Fuel System
E-TVCS, Indirect Injection
Fuel Capacity
11.4 gal. (43 l)
GST 12F / 8R (GST); HST (3 Ranges) (HST)
Wet Disc Type
3-Point Hitch, Lift, Steering
Drive Type
Gear Drive or Hydrostatic